Jailaxmi Education Society
Harness the Power of Positivity.
Jailaxmi Education Society (JLES) is a Social Organization, registered as PUBLIC TRUST and was established in the year 2011 with a strong vision to Empower Aspiring Youth with most relevant Professional Skills & enhancing the fullest potential for their career achievements.

We are working very closely with Renowned Institutions to identify the Skill gaps prevailing in the Education System and positively intend to bring a new era of development with an Inclusive Approach to facilitating Employment Opportunities.

Our primary & utmost important objective is to bring Transformation through Professional Skilling and we truly stand committed to provide an Experiential Learning Platform & Application Oriented Approach with constant improvisation in Training Methodology and also adhering to the Industry requirements ensuring an overall development.

We have demonstrated Great Results with effective execution and do conduct Short Term and Comprehensive Skills Training Programs for Under Graduate Students & Working Professionals too; continuously guiding them to create an Identity and enrich their conceptual understanding with ‘Earn & Learn’ approach thereby making a preferred choice of the Corporate Employers.

At JLES, we are consistently focusing on Quality Outcome thus leveraging the talent to explore possible opportunities and striving for a positive Social Impact too. Also, we strongly believe that our accomplishments underlie in the Employer’s Satisfaction of being strengthened with High Impact Skilled Professionals.

How we do it ?

Our Values
Jailaxmi Education Society is committed to certain fundamental principles of development, which are in its veins and considered as its core values. These values are:
Innovation - 100%
Ethical - 100%
Social Equality - 100%
Spiritual practices - 100%
Handholding - 100%
Creating Wealth for the economy - 100%
Working on Extraordinary Concepts - 100%
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