Value Contribution by JLES

JLES  as a "Skilling Partner"  have an objective to provide value contribution as mentioned below.

  • Empowering the pursuing Students with requisite Employability Skills
  • Workshops & Faculty Development to be connected with Current Trends in the Industry
  • Certification Programs to transform Students into Potential Contributors to the Employers
  • Strengthen existing 'College Placement Cell' by extending / inviting a pool of Placement Opportunities with Reputed Employers.
  • Complete Assist in fulfilling NAAC requirements in regards to Life Skills & Internships.
  • Introducing CSR projects which are co-funded to enhance infrastructural capacity & Societal upliftment of an Academic Institution 
  • Inviting Key Employers (CEO / CFO / VP) from various sectors for Value Updates in the Current Business Scenarios
  • Providing an Identity to the Academic Institution by creating & managing a 'Centre of Excellence' for Skilling!

How we do it ?

Our Values
Jailaxmi Education Society is committed to certain fundamental principles of development, which are in its veins and considered as its core values. These values are:
Innovation - 100%
Ethical - 100%
Social Equality - 100%
Spiritual practices - 100%
Handholding - 100%
Creating Wealth for the economy - 100%
Working on Extraordinary Concepts - 100%
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