Corporate Social Responsibility
Giving Back Who Needs The Most.
The core objective of JLES is to serve the unprivileged & unskilled youth and we believe it as our social responsibility too. We have been sincere & serious with the said responsibility and have partnered with Corporate Entities who fall under the similar ambit with their primary CSR Projects.

  We at JLES work on 3 principles i.e. Sustainability, Accountability & Transparency  With our current Corporate Associations, we have taken the directions to make the said projects on self-sustainable mode. 

  We have trained the candidates on various Projects for skilling in multiple sectors and they have taken the career path independently on their own for progression & further growth. Our activities in skilling have been critically measured and stand for accountability  in terms of Employment opportunities and careers we have been able to provide to the candidates who were trained & skilled by our esteemed organization.  

We at JLES in principle follow a Structured Reporting System and Project specific processes with high transparency so that we can measure the social impact  with information in hand.

How we do it ?

Our Values
Jailaxmi Education Society is committed to certain fundamental principles of development, which are in its veins and considered as its core values. These values are:
Innovation - 100%
Ethical - 100%
Social Equality - 100%
Spiritual practices - 100%
Handholding - 100%
Creating Wealth for the economy - 100%
Working on Extraordinary Concepts - 100%
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